daily create

Daily Create

Prompt: Write a blog post about your daily Internet go to.  What is part of your daily routine and why? What would life be like without it? 


The Internet is a place filled with passion, entertainment, creativity, and community.  Life has become so centered around the Internet that life without it would be an entirely different experience.  People have established entire communities based around their interests, and their passion is what drives the Internet to evolve, change, and sustain itself.

I cannot imagine my life without the Internet.  That is to say, I cannot fathom a similar lifestyle to what I have now if the Internet had never existed.  It simply isn’t possible because so many things in my life are centered around the Internet, and I’m sure the same is true for plenty of others.

My daily routine on the Internet is one I do every day.  There are a handful of websites I frequent, such as reddit, twitter, and various message boards.  At this point I have been using the Internet extensively for years.  My daily routine has not always been the same and I have frequented different sites in the past.  However, one thing is constant: I continue to use the Internet as my go-to source of entertainment, self-learning, and as an outlet for things I am passionate about.