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Prompt: What lies behind this door?  Write the story about what happens when you enter…


The paint on the door is peeling.  The handle is heavily oxidized.  Clearly this place hasn’t been taken very good care of.  Why would anyone want to go in there?  What would there be to gain by such a pointless act?  It must be abandoned.  Or worse, a place used for illicit activities.  No rational person would have the desire to enter this place.  

But that’s just the door.  Isn’t it intriguing how I just told you so many negative things about this place just by looking at the door?  I’m sure you believe me, it’s only logical.  If someone cared about this place, the exterior would be in better condition, right?  When someone cares about something, that’s what they do — they take care of it.  They don’t let it decay or be forgotten.  

I’m here to tell you that isn’t true.  I’m here to tell you that everybody finds happiness in different ways.  And everybody sees the world differently.  So, what’s inside?  That’s hard to describe.  When you open the door, anything can happen.  Anything will happen.  It’s just up to you to turn the handle and go inside.  You will find whatever makes you happy.  What that is, I cannot say.  I cannot say because you are not me.  What I would find would be different.  

So cast away prejudgements, cast away predispositions, and do not think this place is wretched because of how it looks.  Sometimes what is old and forgotten is what makes you happy.  Pure visceral joy.  Now that’s something old and forgotten.  Remember, I cannot tell you what you will find behind this door.  If you pass it by and instead go home to surround yourself in comfort, you will never know.  You will never know the pure visceral joy and happiness that is lost in materiality.  You will never know yourself.