storyboard final project ds106 digital humanities


I know I’m a little late on this, and I haven’t really kept up on posting with this blog, but I AM excited for this project.  I want to do the creative option.

I haven’t really talked about it in class because I have bounced ideas back and forth in my head trying to figure out what to do.  Well, I finally arrived on an idea I really like.  I was thinking about how in The Circle, privacy and individuality are valued completely differently than we do today.  Not only that, but the average person in the novel really has no idea of conditions that would give a greater sense of these two concepts; they are so used to living in their own society and don’t know anything different.

Not knowing anything different than what one is used to while living in a dystopian society is an idea I want to explore in the creative project.  In The Circle, technology and social media have become the basis for advancing cultural values, as well as social norms & expectations.  Society unanimously participates in this, to a point where not participating is considered extreme social deviance.  For my creative project, I wanted to create a world where technology tells people what to do.  Technology dictates to people for even the most trivial things, such as what to have for breakfast and what to wear to work, and the most serious things, such as who to marry and where to live.

“Dictating to people” will be an arduous concept to put into form.  I wanted to create essentially an AI that would control all aspects of life and society.  These would be issued by the government and each household would be required to have one per person by law.  This setting would be great for exploring the notion that technology and media make one lose their sense of individuality by delegating their decision-making capabilities and sense of self to technology.